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Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

In recent years this area of Centigrade’s business is the fastest growing area of all. This is due to a combination of the the development of refrigeration technology to encompass heat pumps and air conditioning, the fast growing housing market of the last 5 years and the realization by the consumer that they are largely inexpensive to run.

Essentially heat pumps and air conditioners are the same in that you can obtain both (the hot and cold function) from one appliance. The difference in terminology comes about from the change is seasons. In winter, these appliances are referred to as heat pumps and in summer these same appliances are called air conditioners.

Heat pumps / air conditioners have additional functions apart from heating or cooling your house. They can also be used in other applications such as heating swimming pools...

Centigrade – your one stop shop for Heat Pumps

At Centigrade we are your Heat Pump and Air conditioning specialist. Whether it is for home or office heating and cooling or specific climate control we will have the solution for you Centigrade only specify and sell well known industry leading brands where technical back up and spares are available.

We offer an obligation free in home quote by our experienced Heat Pump consultant. Our in-depth understanding and product knowledge will ensure that you get the correct heat pump for your individual situation. Each brand of Heat Pump has their own unique benefits and our trained sales consultants are able to recommend the system that is most suitable to your needs.

We are so fussy with our installation of heat pumps that we install our own to ensure this is done correctly. We do not use sub contractors for this important task as the finished job has to be up to our high standard. Once our professionally trained and accredited technicians have installed your heat pump, we will ensure you know how to operate it like an expert so you can enjoy it all year around

The majority of the heat pumps we sell and install use inverter technology which controls the power output of the unit. Unlike older heat pumps that run at constant speed and power load, irrespective of the conditions, the latest inverter units adjust the amount of power they require based on the conditions at the time. Because they do not operate constantly at full power, they are economic to run while keeping your home at the ideal temperature.

These are generally the most popular residential heat pump system in New Zealand. These systems sit high up on a wall, around 100mm below the ceiling. This indoor unit is connected up to an outdoor unit which can be located up to 20 meters away they are elegant, quiet, unobtrusive and out of the way. Multi-split systems can be installed where one outdoor unit can operate up to 4 indoor units. This is an efficient way to service up to 4 different areas.

Mounted in the ceiling space, these larger systems are designed to warm your entire home. Heat is distributed throughout the home by insulated ducts connected to ceiling vents. Airflow to each room can be individually adjusted to provide perfect comfort throughout your home.

Heat pumps filter the air in your home, removing small dust particles and allergy causing pollen, as well as unpleasant odours. Heat pumps are so versatile – unlike gas and oil heaters that only heat, a heat pump will warm your home in winter, keep it cool and comfortable in summer all with the flick of a switch.

At centigrade we can provide a preventive maintenance system to ensure your heat pumps continues to run at it’s best. We are an I.Q. P certified company and can sign off the mechanical aspect of the building warrant of fitness in a commercial situation.

For further information on this please contact our service team.

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